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Used Pool Tables Gallery

We carry a variety of Quality Used Pool Table options to suit your needs,
ranging from 7, 8, 8-1/2 & 9 foot tables.  Our pool tables are
mid-range to high-end, including antiques, such as:

Gold Crown I, BBC-Paramount, BBC - Collender, Brunswick Exposition


Inventory changes on a daily basis, please contact us
directly to inquire about our complete selection & pricing.

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Gold Crown I - Fully Restored
Brunswick Balke Collender Paramount
Brunswick Dominion
9' Brunswick Gold Crown IV Mahogany Nick
9' Brunswick Gold Crown Name Plate.jpg
9' Brunswick Gold Crown side.jpg
8' Brunswick Hawthorn Floor Resized.jpg
Hawthorne Name Plate.jpg
Hawthorne Side Revised.jpg
Spencer Marston Front.jpeg
Spencer Marston Side.jpeg
8' Brunswick Mission
8' Brunswick Mission.jpg
8' Brunswick Mission
8' Brunswick Ashbee.jpg
8' Bruswick Ashbee
8' Brunswick Ashbee Name Plate.jpg
8' Connelly Side.jpg
8' Connelly Front (2).jpg
8' Connelly Name Plate (2).jpg
8' Connelly (2).jpg
8' Olhausen Black Cherry.jpg
8 Ft - Olhausen Black Cherry.jpg
Olhausen Name Plate 2 (2).jpg
8 Ft - Olhausen Black Cherry Front.jpg
8' Brunswick Westcott Side View.jpg
8' Brunswick Westcott Drawer View.jpg
Brunswick Westcott Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Westcott Front.jpg
8' Brunswick Bradford II - Mahogany .jpg
Brunswick Bradford Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Bradford II Side.jpg
8' Brunswick Brookstone Side.jpg
8' Brunswick Brookstone.jpg
8' Brunswick Brookstone Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Brookstone Front.jpg
8' Olhausen Classic Front.jpg
8' Olhausen Classic Name Plate.jpg
8' Olhausen Classic.jpg
7' Olhausen Classic Queen Ann Leg.jpg
7' Olhausen Classic Side.jpg
7' Olhausen Name Plate
7' Olhausen Pocket.jpg
Brunswick Highlander 8 Ft Side.jpg
Brunswick Name Plate 2.jpg
7 Ft Highlander.jpg
Brunswick Highlander 8 Ft Top.jpg
Highlander Front.jpg
Brunswick Name Plate .jpg
8' Proline Sorel Top.jpg
8' Proline Sorel Front.jpg
Proline Side.jpg
Proline Name Plate.jpg
8' Camelot Full.jpg
8' Camelot Front.jpg
8' Camelot.jpg
"We Build - You Play"
Quick Peek.jpg
8' Brunswick Hawthorn.jpg
Brunswick Hawthorn Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Hawthorn Top.jpg
8' Brunswick Gibson.jpg
8' Brunswick Gibson Side.jpg
8' Brunwick Gibson Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Verona - Set up.jpg
8' Brunswick Verona Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Verona Front.jpg
9' Brunswick Balke Collender
9' Brunswick Balke Collender Paramount N
9' Brunswick Balke Collender Paramount S
8' Brunswick Amherst - Front.jpg
8' Brunswick Amherst side.jpg
8' Brunswick Amherst Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Amherst Top.jpg
Kasson Front (2).jpg
Kasson Side (2).jpg
AMF Playmaster.jpg
AMF Nameplate.jpg
7' Brunswick
Kasson new nameplate.jpg
7 Ft. Kasson
8' AMF Turned Leg.jpg
AMF Top and Front.jpg
AMF Nameplate.jpg
AMF Front.jpg
9' Brunswick Manhattan Ebony Over Maple
Manhattan Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Ventura II.jpg
Brunswick Ventura II Name Plate.jpg
8' Brunswick Ventura II Brazilian Mahoga
8' Beach Solid Oak.jpg
Beach Name Plate.jpg
8' Beach Front.jpg
7' Kasson Front.jpg
7' Kasson Top Front.jpg
7' Kasson Name Plate.jpg
8' Custom.jpg
8' Custom 2.jpg
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